Sexual Joy

Sexual joy during elderly years

By: Odalys Waugh, Ph.D.

Sexual activity is related to well-being, even in older people. If you are in your elderly years, you can still benefit from treatments or surgeries to bring your sexual drive alive.

There are many benefits found in intimacy in older adults. Positive, passionate enjoyment of sexual acts fills at any age and is associated with real health benefits: it puts the stress level in check, and it is better healing and controls the actions of individuals for a longer lifespan.

Undoubtedly, sex is very important in elderly adults as it brings intimacy to the center for a positive intimate relationship with the extra benefit of healing many ailments. Do you naturally desire intimacy or closeness with other people? If so, you are on the right track. You will live a long and healthy life. 

During elder years, seniors have emotional and cognitive factors that will enhance their ability to enjoy sex and create a path of joy in their lives. There are physical factors as well that can bring changes to their bodies as they age. 

These changes could be an obstacle to sexual intimacy: they may cause vaginal dryness and decreased libido in women and erectile dysfunction in men. Fortunately, today, we can conquer both conditions with medication and surgery. 

 Maintaining sexual function and leaning into experimentation can be enjoyable while finding a combination of aids and approaches that work well for you.

 There are natural medicines for libido, like the Steel-Libido, that help you enjoy your sexuality. This natural medicine comes for women (PINK) or men (RED) separately to accomplish the double goal of a lasting sex drive and orgasm. 

 For men, we now know a treatment that helps with erectile dysfunction. Although Viagra and Levi-tra are not working for everyone, men can have surgery. A penile implant placed by the hands of an experienced surgeon can bring the individual a lasting, pleasurable sexuality for him and his partner. 

 Now we know how being in your 60s or 70s does not mean your sexual life has ended. On the contrary, you can take action to bring the sexual drive alive and get lots of enjoyment in your day-to-day. With a positive sexual approach, you will likely get back to your best sexual performance. 

 Working in this field shows that even men in their 90s can have lasting love with the help of the penile implant. Out of 100 researched individuals, 97% answered positively about their sexuality at this age. Amazing discovery! Isn’t it?